Your Brown Supplemental Essays!

Brown Supplemental Essays for the WIN! (HOW TO STAND OUT)//

Brown supplemental essays are just as important as the main common app essay prompts and the coalition app essay. Crazy to think students at times believe writing supplements like the brown writing supplement is not important or that admission officers don’t really read them. On the contrary, these are college essay prompts they drafted just for you, to see what you think, how you think and even if you’ll be a good fit for their school. Brown university rhode island is like no other institution in the country and you should treat their supplemental essays the same way. With Write Your Acceptance, I work with quite a few students preparing to apply to brown university providence ri and as a college essay tutor, one of the first things I tell them is to get started on their common app essay topics, common app essay and brown writing supplement.

This video will share not only brown supplement essay examples but also how to approach the 2019-2020 college essay prompts. Don’t get bogged down by what worked for brown supplemental essays 2018. Think about style, messaging and content for your own brown university usa supplements and you’ll be focusing on your own success. Make sure that between you common app essay topics and the brown university providence prompts you share a holistic view of your candidacy. Whether you pour over common app essay examples and writing supplements or you reach out to Write Your Acceptance for expert guidance, I wish you all the best of luck writing your acceptance.


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I can't tell you how popular NYU is for students looking for big city campus. Whether it's the mega brand power, the internationally acclaimed programs and the, well, it's in NYC detail, NYU draws a crowd!

I absolutely LOVED my time there for graduate school and now want to help you maximize your chances. 

Today's video breaks down how to write a stellar WHY NYU essay!!!

The University of Michigan WHY US Essay// Tricks to Get You Noticed

Happy first week of school! We are rolling along with college app essays. So many students are moving on from completing the main essay to now supplements which brings me to today's video!! 

In today's video I share how you to write the University of Michigan WHY US supplement.

AND - I share with you my screen so you see exactly what research you should focus on.
BUT - maybe you're not applying to Michigan, can this video still be for you??? YES!!! If you have a WHY US essay for any school, you'll learn what to research. 

AND BONUS - how to organize the info.

Students in my online workshops get a WHY US template and academic phrase bank to make these essays sooooo much easier. You basically plug in your research and DONE!



When writing the all too important college essay, brainstorming is key!! Why?!? Because it’s a low stakes way of entertaining and investigating different potential topics. However, a lot of students really don’t know the types of questions to ask for effective brainstorming.

In this video I share key questions to ask yourself to get deep and philosophical quick!!! Happy Writing.