How much is too much info and too little info on the VERY important college essay!

Hi Friends, Let's chat word count. How much is too much info and too little info on the VERY important college essay!

In today's video I discuss the optimal length of the college application essay AND how to lengthen or cut if you're having trouble. Maybe you're super chatty and need to reduce words or maybe you have 1 amazing paragraph and don't know where to go from there. Stay tuned!! 

Here's the summary on the video -

HOW LONG IS THE COMMON APP ESSAY (WORD COUNT FOR COLLEGE ESSAY AND HOW TO CUT OR EXTEND) // Do You have one solid paragraph and nothing left to say in your college application essay? Want your personal statement for college to stand out? This video will show you how to write your college essay for admissions making sure you hit the idea target word count. Whether you need to expand your college application essay or chop off longer phrases to hit the target word count, fight writer’s block and write the college application essay that will make your application unique. These college application essay tips will help you get to the point. Your personal statement for college is your direct link to the admissions office.  

Before writing your college essay, learn expert tips for how to start applying to college. Save your word count for only content that matters.

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QUESTBRIDGE ESSAY (HOW TO WRITE A MEMORABLE SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY) // The Questbridge scholarship helps make top tier, out of state colleges a reality for so many star students of low income backgrounds. Want to learn the 3 key themes your essay should cover to stand out? This video will share the guiding questions you should consider then 3 key elements the Questbridge prep scholars essay needs to include. Deadline is March 20th. Make sure you’re ready to maximize your chances. Before writing your college essay, learn expert tips for how to start applying to college much easier.

How to Start Your College Essay (AND BE UNIQUE)

Today WYA is launching weekly Youtube videos with expert tips students can bring into their college application essays to maximize engagement! Check out our channel!!!

HOW TO START YOUR COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY (BE UNIQUE TO ADMISSIONS) // Want your college application to stand out? This video will show you how to start your college application essay so your college application is unique. These college essay tips will improve your personal statement which can be the difference between accepted or not. Your personal statement for college is your direct line of communication to the admissions office. Before writing your college essay, learn expert tips for how to start applying to college much easier.

Freedom To... Freedom From

As students chew on their cuticles waiting for acceptance or rejection letters and as their Junior peers wait in the wings knowing it will soon be their turn, I urge both sets to consider this momentous milestone as both grand but also less critical than social pressure dictates. Applying to college, getting accepted to your ‘dream’ college and finally deciding on the right college with sound mind and heart is a draining process with tons of noise which could, if not careful, drown out your inner voice. Make sure you are actively participating in all steps of the process.

Our crossroads season, April – July, reminds me of the contrasting personal liberties ideology, I believe coined by Immanuel Kant, but don’t quote me. Recently I came across the phrase twice. In a more cynical deployment in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and then in an inspiring podcast, Shane Parrish’s The Knowledge Project, “Naval Ravikant on Reading, Happiness, Systems of Decision Making, Habits, Radical Honesty”. It’s a two hour listen which I did in three sittings but completely worth it. (Ravikant is CEO and co-founder of Angel’s List and simply put an individual who seems to have the life balance thing down.)

Back to Freedom To…Freedom From – students, as you make your choices, think about what you want to do with your newfound freedom, who you want to be in college, how you want to grow and evolve, and then what you want freedom from…to not do, to get away from, to change…knowing both sets can have positive and negative consequences. Happy Waiting!   


The Waiting Game

Here are a few things to do while waiting for your college acceptance...

Keep up with your courses. This is not the time for SENIORITIS. Colleges receive your final transcripts. It is important that you maintain your grades, activities; keep up your overall dedication.

Get your finances in order. Consider applying for scholarships, make sure FAFSA is complete since schools look to that information for need based but also some merit based awards.

Contact but don’t overwhelm your top schools. You may find contradictory information on this topic; however, my recommendation is to follow up with your top schools (via email is best). Start a thoughtful conversation with the regional admissions rep. Ask questions about the school, or send an updated activities list or even an extra letter of recommendation. Don’t overwhelm them with tedious questions. For most institutions, you can track your application online, but do share with them your genuine interest.    


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My name is Josie Urbistondo. You can read more about my bio and experience on the Meet Josie tab, but I wanted to say thank you for visiting and allowing me to be part of your college application journey. It can be a daunting and overwhelming process, but getting organized can de-stress your life and transform your experience into an exciting process of self-reflection, inspiration and growth.  I look forward to sharing a few tips and techniques...and perhaps even working together. Any questions, I am here.