Writing a Winning Personal Statement

Whether drafting a personal statement for college, medical school or law school, most students miss the mark. Here's why!!!

In today's video I share the two necessary factors needed for a successful personal statement. Sitting in front of the computer screen ready to write the most important essay of your life can feel like the loneliest, most daunting place. However, with some strategy, knowing what needs to be said where can be the jump start you need. Check out this video for expert tips on how to bring in anecdote and analysis...the secret sauce for a winning personal statement!


Visiting College Campuses (TIPS FOR AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE) // Every Spring semester on campus I see a ton of high school students with their parents touring our campus. Walking by I hear the same pitch – and here is the library with hundreds of references and resources, this is 1 of 2 Starbucks on campus and here we have a robotics lab – okay, our campus rocks. However, the tricky part is that no matter the day the speech will be the same; however, the students and families visiting shouldn’t have the same experience. This video will show you key tips to ensure you make your college tour an unforgettable and real experience, showing you and your parents whether THIS IS THE SCHOOL FOR YOU. And, bonus, I share with you a couple habits to keep in mind to then make sure you use the information you receive to elevate the college application essay and why this college supplement.

Remember, your personal statement for college, your campus tour and the overall journey is yours to make it your own. Get invested and make this an incredible experience. And don’t forget to find where the best burgers and doughnuts are!!!

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How much is too much info and too little info on the VERY important college essay!

Hi Friends, Let's chat word count. How much is too much info and too little info on the VERY important college essay!

In today's video I discuss the optimal length of the college application essay AND how to lengthen or cut if you're having trouble. Maybe you're super chatty and need to reduce words or maybe you have 1 amazing paragraph and don't know where to go from there. Stay tuned!! 

Here's the summary on the video -

HOW LONG IS THE COMMON APP ESSAY (WORD COUNT FOR COLLEGE ESSAY AND HOW TO CUT OR EXTEND) // Do You have one solid paragraph and nothing left to say in your college application essay? Want your personal statement for college to stand out? This video will show you how to write your college essay for admissions making sure you hit the idea target word count. Whether you need to expand your college application essay or chop off longer phrases to hit the target word count, fight writer’s block and write the college application essay that will make your application unique. These college application essay tips will help you get to the point. Your personal statement for college is your direct link to the admissions office.  

Before writing your college essay, learn expert tips for how to start applying to college. Save your word count for only content that matters.

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