HOW TO Edit Your College Essay FAST!!!

So many times I hear students say “I’m just not a good writer!” and to that I respond with everyone has something to say and the trick is to learn how to develop the skill. Today’s video I share 3 NINJA tricks to help anyone become a better writer TODAY.

These hacks will add pop. dimension, imagery and flow to your college essay and to any other text you write.

Write on!!!

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How To Edit Your College Essay FAST!!! (3 HACKS TO BETTER WRITING NOW!!!)// Effective College essay editing is an art and a science. Students should consider a college essay editing service that helps them sound like the best version of themselves and not like anyone else. As an admission essay editing service, Write Your Acceptance identifies the moments in the college essay common app and coalition app essay where the student’s voice is clear and image driven and develop those moments throughout. WAY is the best college essay editing service that focuses on what the students ultimately want, to apply to college with the best college essay possible. Dr. Josie is a college essay editor online who has over 10 years of experience with not only college essay proofreading, but also college essay brainstorming. Be careful with sharing your essay to too many people – friends, teachers, family, counselors, even editors – pick someone who has the expertise. Too many opinions can end up making a college essay worse. This video will share tips I use with my students to empower them to improve all narrative moments. As a college essay tutor, I am most happy when the admission essay editing process is a time when students improve not only their coalition app essay but also their writing. College admissions essay editors are not all created equal. Make sure you pick someone who knows how to help you shine through the college application essay editing process and hands down the best admission essay editing service is Write Your Acceptance. Whether you’re still brainstorming the common app essay topics or have a full draft and you’re already knee deep in application essay editing, contact Dr. Josie and lets’ get started with the college application essay editing services that are right for you. With WYA’s application essay editing, you’ll started writing your acceptance in no time!

College Essay Tutor Tips (HOW I GOT INTO GEORGETOWN!!!)

Today’s video is all about my students! I’m so lucky to have former student, Isa, share her experiences on working with me…as well as some wisdom on the college application journey.


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College Essay Tutor Tips (HOW I GOT INTO GEORGETOWN) // As a college essay tutor, my favorite thing to do is to check in on my students after their first year of college. We laugh about the stress of getting in and how they now wish the common app essay topics and coalition app essay were their biggest problem. We are always moving the goal post. Once we accomplish a goal like writing your best common app essay, you move on to the next thing and hardly have time to celebrate your win. However, in order to get there, to get into your dream college you need a rockin’ personal statement for college and the college essay tutor near me may not be the best bet. With a PhD in English, as a writing faculty at a research 1 institution and as the premiere college essay tutor online, I can expertly guide you to find not only the most productive college essay ideas, but also through expert college essay brainstorming and college essay editing, you’ll astound yourself with how incredible your story truly is. All you need is a tailored college essay outline for your college essay topics and just a small collection of key personal statement samples from Write Your Acceptance to know exactly how to navigate the college essay common app. As a college admission essay tutor, I take you from brainstorming to final draft so that you know precisely how to tackle the college essay prompts and especially the common app essay prompts. And with over 10 years of experience, I have choice common app essay examples with analysis to show you why certain students clean up with admissions. In this video, one of my former students, Isa, now a sophomore at Georgetown shares lessons learned and why working with Dr. Josie helped you achieve her dreams.

IMPRESS With These Critical Thinking Hacks!

Do you know the #1 element MOST college essays miss?!? Critical thinking elements to set you apart!

In today's video I share easy, actionable techniques you can use to deepen your critical capacity in 5 minutes!!

DON'T forget to include this element as it could be the difference maker.

Even if you haven't begun writing, these tips will improve your mindset so that you start at your strongest point.

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COLLEGE ESSAY EDITING (IMPRESS WITH THESE CRITICAL THINKING HACKS!!!) // Too many students think college essay editing is moving around a few commas. However, the best college essay editing service considers not only grammar and style but also messaging and critical thinking. College application essay editing should assess whether the college application essay prompts have been answered in a linear and symbolic manner, meaning that sometimes the best admission essay editing service will expertly guide students on strategic college essay brainstorming for key moments to show a capacity to think critically. The college essay common app asks students to showcase their story while nudging them to show how they think about relationships, ultimately, how they consider situations and their part in those moments. The college essay format should make room for both narratives that tell a story and reflections that analyze those stories. Therefore, college essay prompts are just the beginning when working with a college essay tutor since an expert college essay editing service will push students to make connections they didn’t initially see in the college essay. A premiere admission essay editing service like Write Your Acceptance, takes all elements into account. From the college essay outline and college essay topics to the margin notes students wanted to add but didn’t know how to. With over 10 years of experience working with students, our application essay editing service ensures that students streamline and deepen their message. If you are asking yourself, how do it edit my college essay, don’t wait to contact Write Your Acceptance. Before writing your college essay, learn expert college app tips for how to start your college application essay and wrap up the acceptance faster.